We all know at the heart of any business is its people. They are our engine rooms, our think tanks, our front of house, they are in short what makes our businesses thrive.  We work with you to look after your heart.


Our services cover wellbeing programmes, retreat events, coaching, workshops and talks, and consultancy. And no matter what services you use us for, you will find our approach holistic, individual-centric, practical, and focused on weaving wellbeing practices into the fabric of your culture and the fabric of your employee’s day.

workplace wellness

the hard facts you shouldn't ignore

BY 2020

stress predicted to be second biggest cause of ill health (WHO).

1 in 4

adults in England have been  diagnosed with mental illnesses.

6 in 10

managers not receiving enough help from their organisation to support the mental wellbeing of their staff (IOHS).


minimum average cost per employee to employers of poor mental health (Deloitte).

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