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The Peer Group is a place where we collaborate, support & encourage. A place we can learn, grow & empower.  

You don't have work in wellbeing, you just need to have your own business and a desire to live well.  Most of us set up our own businesses as we wanted to take control of our own lives and wellbeing.

What’s the essence of The Peer Group?

We trade in help, advice, knowledge, support and encouragement only. Because we understand that small businesses have limited funds.

We believe in the power of collaboration, cheering others on and helping them succeed. Because we understand that small businesses have limited resources and helping others gives us satisfaction.

We meet up, chat online and provide a sense of community to one another. Because we know that working as a small business can be lonely.


Every month The Peer Group organises

A Peer Meet (A weekday 9.30-11.30am) – Sometimes the meet ups will be a chance to socialise, sometimes they will be a chance for you to use the group as a sounding board/to give you feedback on a pitch, sometimes we will have a topic to discuss or perhaps a speaker. 

A Peer Co-work Mates (morning or afternoon) – We encourage monthly work connections, where people meet and work together, be it a coffee shop, club, someone’s house if they are feeling hospitable, we don’t mind. 

In addition we organise workshops on an adhoc basis, these are small and intimate and focused on providing help and support to you and your business.

To find out more and register your interest to become part of the group please contact Susie 

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