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Want to make a change to your wellbeing but don’t know how?

Our coaching helps people achieve their health and wellness goals, whatever they are. Sometimes people don't know what to do to make the change they desire but often it’s that we are stuck in a rut and don't know how to get out of it.  95% of our behaviour occurs out of habit either unconsciously or in reaction to external factors. That's why even when the need for change is obvious and intentions are strong people fall short of making lasting change. 

Our coaching provides 3 critical elements to ensure results. The System, Support and Accountability and this is why it is so highly effective in delivering the best results in the shortest period.  The right system means the right steps in the right order, the right support means someone to encourage you when you are feeling stuck and accountability, having someone to tell you straight when you are falling off track!  


Let us partner with you to help you achieve your goals.


Our 90-day programme consisting of 12 weekly one-hour coaching sessions and supporting materials aimed at helping you achieve your transformation goals.




Our 30-day programme consists of 4 weekly one-hour coaching sessions and supporting materials and is aimed at establishing the foundations for positive change and helping you find your way.



Our one-off 60-minute conversation is aimed at helping you with whatever you need at that moment. We know everyday maintenance is essential and sometimes you just need help getting back on track or someone to talk to.



After a particularly relaxing break from work I booked some time with Susie to discuss how I could better look after myself whilst working away from home in the hope of maintaining the energy levels and general sense of wellbeing I had post trip. Initially I was looking for some hints and tips on how to make sure I kept up with my exercise and didn’t resort to junk food as soon as I was back on the road.


Susie was fantastic and as well as helping me develop a plan of little things I could do each day she also helped me to change my mind set around why I should prioritise my well being as part of the successful delivery of a project. Until now I had been putting it last on the list without really considering the impact that could be having on my performance.



I had lost all sense of self-belief that I could be empowered and make a positive change to my health.  Coaching has changed my mindset completely. I have an entirely different way of looking at food, nutrition and health. I have achieved my goals effectively navigating  my way past the things that would normally have thrown me off track.

I felt truly listened too and believed in. The process is engaging and the questions asked  helped me learn for myself, rather than give advice or teach. There’s no doubt in my mind that Coaching can change your life.  I have learnt to be kind to and put myself first which is something that had slipped away from me.


Take the opportunity to feel truly well and achieve your goals.

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