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bringing wellness practises into every day

We all want to live healthy, happy, fulfilled lives, but looking after ourselves is often bottom of the list if it is on it at all.


Our mission is simple, to help individuals prioritise their wellbeing and make it part of everyday life. That mean’s giving them access to information, tools, and techniques, giving them opportunities to try different things and empowering them to make the step changes they want and need, to achieve better health in body and mind and all the things that come with that.


There is no one size fits all approach to wellness it’s all about the individual and helping them curate their live well collection that works for them.


At the heart of what we do are our 5 core principles; eat, move, restore, connect and purpose and the collective, our community of wellness experts, advocates, and trailblazers who come together to bring you amazing experiences, expert advice, and powerful support.

Come and Live Well with us.


Whether you are at the start of your wellbeing journey or knowledgeable but needing a fresh lens and focus, we can help you reset and refocus your wellness goals.


We are building a community of wellness experts, live well advocates and trailblazers across all principles, all feeding into a wellness directory for you to access.

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Saturday 25th January 9.30am till Midday


Me and my mum had SUCH a great evening! It really opened our eyes about well-being in general and the effects it can have on your body, mind and soul. Will definitely be coming to more in the future.


Such a great workshop, I came away with so much to put into practice, Susie delivered it brilliantly.


It was such a brilliant evening, I will be recommending the retreat to everyone I know. I left feeling relaxed and inspired, with a lot to think about regarding my own personal journey. Can’t wait for next time.